Action Item: Rubrics

At the Spring and Fall meetings, discussions were held regarding creation of contest rating sheets and rubrics. Rubric Set #1¬†(Kansas State HS Association) View the Rubric! These are the rubrics that the Kansas State HS Association uses for various contests.¬†Sheets are already developed, with short rubrics, for all solo and ensemble groups. We believe that Read more about Action Item: Rubrics[…]

Minutes (9-15-2015)

Lake Zurich North Middle School 6:30pm dinner 7:00pm meeting Action Items The following is a list of action item(s) resulting from the meeting. Please read the minutes prior to participating. Thank you! Rubric Discussion Attendance Carolyn Awe Laura Blanchard Jessica Brown Renee Brown Margaret Delligatti (representing 1 of 4) Heidi Flowers Steve Flowers Jim Garbrecht Read more about Minutes (9-15-2015)[…]