Action Item: Rubrics

At the Spring and Fall meetings, discussions were held regarding creation of contest rating sheets and rubrics.

Rubric Set #1 (Kansas State HS Association)

View the Rubric!

These are the rubrics that the Kansas State HS Association uses for various contests. Sheets are already developed, with short rubrics, for all solo and ensemble groups. We believe that we can adjust the ensemble sheets to also include band, choir, orchestra, jazz, etc, should the membership want it.

These also include weighted scoring and a wide point system as well as focused categories.

Rubric Set #2 (based on National Standards)

View the Rubric!
View the Rating Sheet!

Rubric Set 2 is developed from the National Standards, along with a variation of other rating sheets. Rubric descriptors are taken directly from the National Standards.  And additional category of ‘Other’ has also been added. This rubric is based on a 5 point straight system with no weighted categories. Space has been created in the rubric boxes for direct judge comments.

The accompanying rating sheet uses the 5 point system should we want it.  Divisions would need to be created with guidance form the membership.

What do you think?

The Committee working on the rubrics and rating sheets is looking for your input.  Thoughts, comments and changes are welcome!  Please consider some of these questions proposed at our Fall Meeting, as well as your own comments and questions.

  • Should we use a weighted point system like Rubric 1? Do we want this many points?  Fewer points?
  • Rubric 1 is a nice design. But is it too complicated for students and parents?  Too much?
  • Rubric 2 – can we use this on a 4 point system?
  • Rubric 2 – do we use descriptors on the ratings sheet?

Thank you for taking the time to review and comment.

Give us Feedback!

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  • e-mail Elise Matusek (vice-president) directly at

4 thoughts on “Action Item: Rubrics

  • I kind of like the weighted rubric idea and don’t mind the total number being higher. I like the idea that there is some wiggle room within a section. For example, in the Kansas rubric, there are three options for many of the levels within the categories.

    I also really like the idea of using the National Standards’ language and doing everything we can to align with them. I’m surprised NAfME (or whoever) hasn’t already created a rubric based on those standards. Have they? If they haven’t, let’s be the first to do so!

  • I think the Kansas example it good for the reasons that Riley mentioned, although it will need to adjusting to work for a middle school or elementary band. It’s nice to see that notes and rhythms are scored separately in the example, but I think it’s redundant to then include a “technique” category with fingerings. Perhaps rename it to “articulation” or “style.” The weightings look good.

    I also think it would be great to score individual pieces rather than just the performance as a whole. This would give students and teachers more valuable information, and it will allow judges to be more specific with their comments and ratings.

  • Sorry for getting my comments in so late! I really like the Kansas form, however, I think for middle school we need to keep it simple. The standards based form, combined with the rubric, is clear and easy to interpret for directors, students and parents. There will be a lot of “Re-education” for the change in the calculation of points. Is there a team re-working this rubric for solo and ensemble?

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