Board Meeting Minutes (10 April 2016)

Call to order

Officer reports

President’s report

  1. Contest surveys
    1. Overall, everything went well for our first year!
    2. Quotes in letter and on website (directors, judges, parents, students)
  2. Sites/Dates for 2017-2/25 Jazz in the Meadows
    1. S&E Feb 25 @ LZ North
    2. Possibility of a second site to accommodate Jazz in Meadows
      1. May need a second site if membership increases as well
      2. Runner issue with ten minute increments…give rubric to room monitor after each performance.  Allows runners to get forms even if judge is busy.  Getting scores online is crucial.
    3. Organizational:  Hawthorn Middle North will be hosting March 10/11
      1. May want to seek second site/date depending on membership
      2. Some question about Friday night times, too late?
      3. Provide clinician with mic so that audience can hear feedback
    4. Jazz Contest following Tuesday

Vice-President’s report

  1. Percussion Concerns at organizational and s&e
  2. Complaints about rubrics
    1. Dynamics score
    2. Jazz soloist
    3. Should possibly use low numbers for the higher scores

Treasurer’s report

  1. We have a remaining $1148 after both contests
  2. 21 Districts participated
  3. Pianos were quite an expense-look at fees-fourth level?  Tiered district fee?
  4. Bring total costs to membership and see how directors feel about increases in fees

Judge Hirer’s report

  1. A lot of positive feedback about the rubric from judges
  2. We should send a “save-the-date” to judges now for next year
  3. Add a button to the webpage for judges to apply and present a resume for consideration

Webmaster’s report

  1. We have a Facebook page…and it should be changed to a private/closed group
  2. We love the website and the fact that everything is in one place

Old Business

  1. Medals
    1. Ordered two more years of medals and have a great deal with the company
    2. We need to apply for 501c3 status to save on taxes
  2. State contest site
    1. Art and Jim will take on this endeavor for next year
    2. High Schools are filling out calendars now for next year
    3. Aim for last two weekends in April
  3. Rubrics
    1. Two tweaks to be considered (mentioned above in VP Report)
  4. Grant writing
    1. Laura will look into IL Arts Council, Kickstarter, etc.
    2. Need money for clavinova purchases
  5. Paperless scoring
    1. Jen and Riley will work together on this

New Business

  1. letter to new directors
    1. Ellen will spearhead this letter
    2. Long discussion about fees for districts v. schools v. directors
  2. Invoice vs. fee sheet
    1. Online entering system that produces an invoice (better accuracy)
  3. Organization Contest
    1. how much of 40/30 minutes for organization is performance
    2. No organizations shall warm up in the performance area
    3. Did not get to the following agenda items:
  4. Solo and Ensemble Contest
    1. One solo per student per instrument
    2. Time requests for EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY (more than 10% of entries w/ requests will require explanation?)
    3. Changes to solo/ensemble after deadline (adding students, schedule changes)
  5. Host stipends

Adjournment – 4:15

Board will meet again in early August

Date TBD for Fall Membership Meeting


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