Board Meeting Minutes (5-9-2017)

Northern Illinois Music Conference
Board of Directors meeting
May 9, 2017

  1. Call to order 4:07
  2. Approval of Minutes from 8/25/16 Board meeting: EM, SS
  3. Officer reports
    1. President’s report
      1. Contest surveys
        1. very positive
        2. all warm-up rooms should be supervised
      2. Sites/Dates for 2018
        1. Organization at Beach Park Middle School (Not yet confirmed)
          1. March 9, 10
          2. band and orchestra at the middle school
          3. looking for an elementary in district for choirs
        2. Cooper Jazz site is a possibility  (not yet confirmed)
          1. March 13 (Tuesday)
          2. decision within a month
        3. Solo and Ensemble: Feb 24th
          1. Big Hollow
      3. Officers for 2017-18
        1. Treasurer – need interim ASAP
        2. Judging – Two names on slate (manageable)
      4. Fall meeting date
        1. September 18
        2. 7PM start
        3. LZMSN
    2. Vice-President’s report
      1. Rubrics
        1. Consistency between judges
        2. Phrasing- Language
      2. Solo and Ensemble:
        1. Training judges – recorded example during judge’s meeting
        2. Differences between rooms
          1. Numbers of I’s II’s…. I+
          2. Score when with the end  in mind
          3. Medal purchases over the last 20 years: the numbers don’t change
          4. Share the chart: % of medals awarded by judge (Riley B)
      3. Plaques
        1. Indiana- No tax
        2. $10 a plaque
    3. Treasurer’s report
      1. Income/expense report
      2. Tax exempt status
        1. Letter of state tax denial – because we charge fees vs. fundraising
        2. We’ll purchase medals this year to fill out our contract, then find a new vendor in the future.
      3. Officer stipends for 2016-17
    4. Judge Hirer’s report
      1. Google drive was great!
      2. Follow up with host school for meetings, etc.
      3. Need to continue to build a list of judges, especially string and vocal. (Band is OK)
        1. Judges talking with each other after a performance- influencing the outcome.
        2. Judges can confer for the first one but not share scores
        3. This will be added to the agenda for the judge’s meetings 
    5. Webmaster’s report
      1. Great to have one location for information
      2. Front Page:
      3. Renewal of membership through website
  4. Old Business
    1. Grant writing (Laura)
      1. holding off on this – we must have 3 years of data
      2. need to have a specific purpose for the funds (probably piano purchase)
    2. Paperless scoring (Riley/Steve)
      1. Committee to come with a process
      2. pilot one room (minimum)
      3. hidden fees? Are there any?
    3. Honors Invitational (Ellen)
      1. 1 school signed up
      2. the board recommends we drop this for now
      3. if interest is there, we revisit later
      4. remove from website at this time.
    4. How to Host Guide (Riley/Steve)
  5. New Business
    1. Medal vendor (Ellen)
      1. one year left on the contract
      2. follow through with the contract
      3. Sales tax is the issue
      4. the purple was too close to blue
      5. keep the stripes
    2. Organization Contest
      1. 30-minute jazz spots
        1. change from 40 minutes to 30
        2. more groups, not as late since it’s a school night
        3. bring to membership in September
        4. board is open to discussion
      2. 2019 dates ( dates to approve at meeting)
        1. S/E 4th weekend : Feb 23
        2. Organization: March 16
        3. Jazz: March 19th
    3. Solo and Ensemble Contest
      1. 2019 date see above
      2. North Shore band contest ideas (Steve)
        1. This was discussed and tabled based on Laura’s experience as a judge.
      3. Change wording: “Percussion soloists will perform rudiments and instrumental soloists will perform scales from the required lists. Ensembles do not perform scales.”
        1. Percussion soloists will perform rudiments from the required lists.
        2. Instrumental soloists will perform a scale from the piece that is being performed.
        3. Vote on language at Sept. meeting
    4. Google Drive organization (Elise)
    5. Event names:
      1. Motion to change the name to Solo and Ensemble Festival
        1. Do we keep “contest” to liken it to a sport?
      2. Organization festival to NIMCON Music Festival
      3. Vote at September meeting
  6. Adjournment:
    1. motion to adjourn SS, EM

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