Membership and S&E Contest Information

The Annual Membership meeting was held on Monday, Sept. 21st. We had a very productive discussion regarding events for this school year. We have changed the deadline for District Membership fees to October 15th. Please register at and send a check or a copy of your check request to Sara Kumpula by October 15th.

Here is a summary of what we discussed and voted on. More details with be forthcoming:

  • We will run a virtual Solo and Ensemble Contest. Registration fees will be due February 1, 2021 (instead of December 1).
  • Directors will submit videos of student performances along with a pdf/picture of music by April 15th. 
  • Solos and ensembles will be accepted. All accompaniment will be optional and there will be no clavinova fee. 
  • Ensembles may submit a video of students playing together, or submit audio with students using programs such as audacity or garage band (more info to come)m We want to be flexible to the needs of students learning remotely.
  • Judges will be given approximately a week to view performances and submit comments using the NIMCon rubrics.
  • A board member will deliver medals to directors.
  • There will be no Festival, Jazz Festival, or AHMI this school year.

Please send us an email at with any questions that you may have at this time.

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