Minutes (9-15-2015)

Lake Zurich North Middle School
6:30pm dinner
7:00pm meeting

Action Items

The following is a list of action item(s) resulting from the meeting. Please read the minutes prior to participating. Thank you!


  • Carolyn Awe
  • Laura Blanchard
  • Jessica Brown
  • Renee Brown
  • Margaret Delligatti (representing 1 of 4)
  • Heidi Flowers
  • Steve Flowers
  • Jim Garbrecht
  • Jen Grabo
  • Kelly Harper
  • Art Hildebrandt
  • Elise Matusek
  • Samantha May
  • Jessica Nellis
  • Keith Nowickas
  • Riley Broach
  • Ellen Singer
  • Steve Stenzel
  • Kate O’Connor

7pm: meeting called to order, introductions made individually

7:08pm: Ellen provides overview and current state

  • 22 schools signed up
  • 77 directors on the list
  • For info on due date and where to send, click here for the Membership Fee Invoice or to join NIMCon


  • Possible conflict of PARCC timing vs contest discussed, specifics of PARCC test and upcoming changes, some of it is still in update status
  • NIMCon will keep contests dates as published
  • discussion of locations for contest,timing of event and earliest performance times
  • Organization Contest is at Woodland; earliest we could start is Friday 4pm and Sat 8am. Jazz Contest is at Nippersink and will start at TBA.
  • Looking to get next year planned or build a rotation schedule; looking for hosts for 2017; if you are interested please let us know what needs would you have, which contest you are interested, what dates you could host (we can be flexible) – looking to maintaining 3rd weekend in Feb for Solo and Ensemble Contest.
  • no volunteers at this time; we will continue seeking locations

Laura presents budget

Elise presents rubric

  • need a revised rating sheet, former sheets have been in use for 22 years or so without updates, but we know there have been changes to our demand, research shows there are new directions so seek and formats to make it clearer for the judges about the type of direction we are looking for with young performers; looked at GOOD-BETTER-BEST recommendations (please see rubrics folder)
  • 12345 – makes a 1 and 5 rating near impossible to achieve; adjust the BEST rating of 15 to smaller weighting – it is too much for middle school, less emphasis on stage presence, suggest weightings of 1-3-5 for “other category”, too many words in BEST, final recommendation is to make a synthesis of BETTER and BEST;
  • general statement made that we need to adjust our discussion with students and parents what a 2-3-4 rating system really implements – we want to focus on the developmental tasks – an adjustment of thought
  • Action Item: Rubric Discussion

Ellen presents Old Business

  • 2nd level contest
  • John Harshey looking into sites
  • contact Ellen (ellen.singer@nimcon.org)  if you can help with facilities and ideas
  • looking for a high school facility perhaps
  • seating for audience is needed
  • we are concentrating on the performance space

Riley presents Logo and Website

  • Website
  • features: reflects our name and purpose (music), inclusive logo (does not specify a music type – violins, trumpets, treble clefs vs bass clefs)
  • differentiated from other logos
  • looks professional, clean, and simple

Grant writing – anyone who is interested – please contact Ellen Singer

Riley presents paperless / automated scoring

  • on a trial basis
  • minimal contest office
  • less volunteers needed
  • more efficient and fewer errors
  • Jessica (HawthornS) volunteered her experience

8pm: Motion to adjourn

  • Jen motions
  • Steve 2nd
  • All in favor

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