Minutes (15 June 2015)

Agenda and Minutes

June 1, 2015, 7pm

Members present: Ellen Singer, Elise Matusek, Jim Garbrecht, Steve Stenzel, Art Hildebrand, Riley Broach, Jen Lydigsen, Carolyn Awe, Tony Passaro, Ben Gray,John Harshey, Laura Blanchard, Oksana Lukaszewskyj, Kelly Harper, Megan Ames, Margaret Delligatti, Renee Brown, Bart Medlicott

Guests present: Carol Munn, Allison Rakickas, Jessica Nellis, Tracie Tatz, Marc Smith, pat Cantagallo, Steve Thomas, Jeremy budrow, Kathie Logan, Cindy Severino, Heidi Flowers, Alaina Gibbons, Keith Nowickas, Leslie Paul-Osterbur

  1. Membership form-have available for people to fill out (Riley)
    1. Website should be a “one-stop shop” for everyone
    2. Easy layout – laptop/tablet/phone accessible
    3. Your feedback is appreciated!
  2. Discussion on: bylaws, contest rules and procedures
    1. By-Laws Discussion:
      1. No discussion – looks good!
    2. Solo/Ensemble Procedures:
      1. Entries due by Dec. 1 which is earlier than IGSMA
      2. Medals – Stars v. Ribbons
        1. Supportive of the cheaper ribbons
      3. Rigorousness of Judges – Lack of consistency discussed
      4. Instead of years played, perhaps Directors rank kids for difficulty
        1. Class A/B/C?  Would require repertoire list
        2. Perhaps a check box if it’s their first contest
      5. More well-defined rubric
        1. Define what the 1/2/3/4 means (standards-based)
        2. Use Arts Standards descriptors? Align with standards
      6. Let’s put a committee together to explore rubrics
      7. -Percussion Rudiments?  Why aren’t winds/string then responsible for scales?  There should be consistency here too.
        1. Sometimes scales serve to “settle down” a nervous kid
        2. If this is a solo/ensemble contest…where do scales fit?
        3. What about vocalists?  Scale/Arpeggios?
      8. Any restrictions on types of vocalist repertoire?  Should we restrict pop music?  Is this a Director issue – perhaps we need a “Director Feedback” sheet.
        1. A clear rubric would be the guideline
      9. We’re in favor of fewer rules…as long as they are good rules
      10. Clinic – 10 minute slots if it is scale, piece, clinic.  Would this require more judges with the longer time slot?
        1. We could start a database on the website for interested judges
      11. Piano Solos – should we require the piano soloists to be part of a school ensemble in order to compete.  These solos are just taking up time and become a recital for outside private teachers.
        1. Acoustic pianos cost extra if they need to be rented and tuned
    3. Organizational Procedures:
      1. Do the bands need a march?  Can we say contrasting styles?
      2. Sight-reading component?
      3. Clinic portion?  Perhaps the clinician chooses an appropriate sight-reading piece based on the group’s performance.  This could serve as the clinician jump-off platform.
      4. Do we need to expand the time limit then?  We suggest the clinic takes place directly after performance in the same room.  Schedule 40 minutes total including clinic time and set-up/break-down.
      5. State Contest with NIMC?  We propose that “state” level kids can play in a professional venue.  (Insurance question asked from organizational standpoint – it is the school’s insurance that must be submitted)
      6. Should judges give verbal feedback along with written?
      7. Possibly the first weekend in May
    4. Clavinovas:
      1. First idea would be to rent from IGSMA
      2. Back-up idea is to rent from elsewhere
    5. Fees:
      1. Solo costs – $6 per soloists or ensemble member
      2. Organizational – flat $5 with medal, $4 w/o medal
      3. Judge compensation – perhaps pay per hour ($25 per hour)
  3. Contest dates/hosts:
    1. Solo/Ensemble- Feb 20 at Lake Forest Country Day School
    2. Band/Choir/Orchestra- April 8 & 9, Lake Zurich MS North
      1. **PAARC testing may be moving to April
      2. Deer Path is looking into a back-up date in March
      3. Hawthorn can also look into being a site
    3. Jazz Band-March 17 at Nippersink MS
  4. Adjourn those who are not members
  5. Voting on  bylaws, rules
    1. By-Laws – Motioned by Renee, Seconded by John
      All in Favor
    2. Contest Entries Procedures – Motioned Steve, Seconded by Tony
      All in Favor
    3. Ribbon Color (any available) as opposed to star – Motioned by Riley, Seconded by Caroline
      All in Favor
    4. Eligibility
      1. #1/2/3 – Motioned and passed as is
      2. #4 & 5 – change to 40 minutes for set-up, performance, clinic, and break-down
      3. #10 – Concert bands will play three selections (same as #12)
      4. No sight-reading
      5. All in favor of changes
    5. Solo & Ensemble Rules
      1. #3 – Change to 10 minutes
      2. #6 – Remove piano solos from entire contest
      3. ADD #13 – Percussion soloists will perform rudiments and solo instrumentalists will perform scales
      4. All in favor of changes
    6. Adjudicators
      All in favor
    7. Fees
      1. Raised to $6, $5, and $4
        All in favor
    8. Compensation
      1. #1 – Judges will be paid $25 per hour and rounded up as needed
      2. #4 – Stipends will be honored at the end of the fiscal year, and officers can waive portions of the stipend at their discretion
      3. All in favor
  6. Voting on officers
    1. Ellen Singer – President
    2. Elise Matusek – Vice President
    3. Jen Lydigsen – Secretary
    4. Laura Blanchard – Treasurer
    5. Riley Broach – Webmaster
    6. Steve Stenzel/Art Hildebrand/Jim Garbrecht – Judge Hirers
  7. Set date for fall meeting
    1. A date will be determined via the website (meeting board)
  8. Adjourn 8:58pm

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