Newsletter (February)

Solo & Ensemble Contest

Solo & Ensemble Contest is on February 23 at Palombi MS. Thank you to Renee Brown and Rick Frankowski for hosting, as well as to Steve Stenzel and Riley Broach for scheduling! We are looking forward to a successful event!


The final performance schedule will be available by Saturday, February 9. A draft schedule will be sent to directors via email by Monday, February 4. Please respond to that email for any changes or updates. When requesting changes, please include the Event ID Number as it makes it much easier on our end. Thanks!


Below are a handful of reminders about the big day.

  1. For specific rubrics, see Solo & Ensemble Contest Rubrics.
  2. Remember to Practice Your Scales / Rudiments!

The rubric for soloists includes a score of 1-4 points for the student’s performance of a scale. As a friendly reminder, be sure you are preparing students to perform a scale that makes sense for their piece. Here are the details for each instrument type:

Winds & Strings will play a scale in the key of the solo being played. The scale should be up and down and at least one octave. Tempo and note length are at the soloist’s discretion. Beginning students may play the scale in split octaves, that is, a beginning clarinet player may play CDEFGA (drop the octave) BCB (back up the octave AGFEDC. Similar accommodations may be made for other instruments.

Percussionists (mallet players) will play a scale from the 
Scales for Mallet Players sheet.

Percussionists (snare drum) will play snare drum rudiments. Students should prepare all designated rudiments based on their years of experience.

Percussionists (drum set) will play drum set patterns. Students should prepare all designated patterns based on their years of experience.

Instrumental Ensembles & Vocal Performers do not need to play / sing scales.

  • The performance time includes a clinic: Please, prepare your students so they expect a short clinic where the judge may ask them to play various sections again as well as try different things.
  • As always, you can view the Contest Rules & Procedures at any time.

Music Festival

This year’s Music Festival for concert band, orchestra, and choir takes place on March 8 and 9. The schedule for Music Festival will be emailed to you shortly. Thank you to our hosts at Hawthorn MS South – Genevieve Klein, Samantha May, and Chuck Naffier!

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