NEWSLETTER (January 2022)

Solo and Ensemble Contest 

Video entries for Solo and Ensemble Contest are due February 25th, no exceptions. Late entries will not be accepted. Please follow the instructions to submit recordings, which can be found HERE. Please start this process early, and email us with any questions. An important step that delayed judges getting results back to us in a timely fashion last year was double checking each recording link to ensure that it is set to “ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN VIEW”. If you miss this setting, our judges will not be able to access the recording and the results will be delayed for all directors in NIMCon. Please be sure you are sending it from your Google drive with this setting, and not forwarding it from the student’s (or their parents’) Google drive.


The schedule for Festival will be shared by the end of January. If you do not hear from NIMCon by Jan. 31, please email us to confirm your ensemble is signed up for Festival. The details for Festival can be found HERE. More information regarding Festival will be sent in the February newsletter.

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