Newsletter (March 2016)

Organization Contest 2016

Plans are well under way for Woodland Middle School Music Department to host the first ever Northern Illinois Music Conference Organization Contest on March 11th & 12th.

Here are a few important notes as you prepare to visit us!

For Directors:

  • Remember to have 3 music scores with each measure numbered for the judges.
  • Please check information that was sent regarding maps for bussing, drop-off and parking.
  • Please share maps with parents so they know where to park as well.
  • Please review NIMCon rules with your students so we have a safe and successful weekend.
  • Please consider sharing the new rubrics with your students so they also know about our new format.
    • A note about our judging rubrics: the scoring is based on information from the National Standards for Music Performance. The point system was created based on the overall five point system, removing ‘5’ which is considered high school levels. This information will be shared with judges prior to our performances.

For Parents, Families, and Friends:

  • Please remind parents, families and friends that everyone is welcome to come hear any of the performance ensembles. There is a $1 admission fee for non-performers (but not bus drivers or chaperones).
  • Wiley’s Cafe will be open for the duration of our contest!

The WMS Music Department staff are excited to see you this weekend!

No Second-Level Contest this year

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a host for a second level contest for this spring. We are already hard at work to find a location for next year. If anyone has any suggestions, please contact Ellen Singer at

Contest Dates for 2017

Please mark your calendars! These are tentative dates based on the January survey results. As soon as hosts are confirmed, we will send out the official dates. Thank you to those directors who participated in the survey. Your input is greatly appreciated!

  • Solo and Ensemble Contest @ February 25
  • Organization Contest @ March 10/11 or March 17/18
  • Jazz Contest @ March 16 (based on Organization being March 10/11)
  • Honors Festival @ April 22 or April 29

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors is meeting on Sunday, April 10th. We will be discussing ideas for next year, and have received all of your comments from the Solo and Ensemble Contest survey. We also plan to send out an Organization and Jazz band survey next week. If you have any other comments that you would like us to discuss at our meeting, please let us know by April 3rd. These ideas will help generate an agenda for the general Membership meeting in September.

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