Newsletter (March 2017)

Organization Contest

We are looking forward to seeing you at Hawthorn MS North on March 10th and 11th.

Here are a few important notes as you prepare for contest!

  • Remember to have 3 music scores with each measure numbered for the judges.
  • Please check information that was sent regarding maps for bussing, drop-off and parking.
  • Please share maps with parents so they know where to park as well.
  • Please review NIMCon rules with your students so we have a safe and successful weekend.
  • Please remind parents, families and friends that everyone is welcome to come hear any of the performance ensembles. There is a $1 admission fee for non-performers (but not bus drivers or chaperones).

Solo and Ensemble Contest Survey

Thank you to our amazing hosts Riley Broach, Marie Lemke, and Steve Stenzel for providing a well-organized and welcoming contest site. Please use this link to take the Solo and Ensemble contest survey:

Honors Invitational

The Honors Invitational will take place on Friday, April 28th at Deer Path MS. All Organizations receiving a Division I rating at Organization Contest are eligible to attend. Please use the link provided at contest to register your group by March 24th and submit your check request ASAP using the printable invoice. We are excited to offer this contest and look forward to your participation! Thank you to Corey Ames, Gina DeGregorio, Ben Gray, Diane Rener and Sarah Truding for hosting!

Contest Dates for 2018

Please mark your calendars! These dates are tentative, and as soon as hosts are confirmed, we will send out the official dates. Thank you to those directors who have stepped up to host. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated! We could still use one site for Organization that can have two performances areas. If you can help, please contact us!

  • Solo and Ensemble Contest @ Big Hollow February 24 (Confirmed)
  • Organization Contest @ March 9/10
  • Jazz Contest @ March 15
  • Honors Festival @ April 20 or April 27

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors is meeting in May. We will be discussing ideas for next year, and reviewing your comments from the Contest surveys. If you have any other comments that you would like us to discuss at our meeting, please let us know by April 3rd. These ideas will help generate an agenda for the general Membership meeting in September.


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