Newsletter (March 2018)

String ensemble preparing to perform at S&E Contest 2018.

Congratulations to all of the students who performed so well at our recent contests! Our students performed at the Solo & Ensemble Contest at the end of February and at Organization / Jazz Contests in March. In our third year, NIMCon has continued to grow and we are glad to provide an opportunity for our students to shine.

Contests By The Numbers

Solo & Ensemble Contest (Feb 24)

  • 987 total events registered
  • 1698 student performers (many performed in multiple events)
  • 22 participating schools
  • 49 directors participating
  • 25 judges

Organization Contest (Mar 9 & 10)

  • 2 host sites
  • 37 ensembles performed (19 bands, 7 orchestra, 11 choirs)
  • 17 participating schools
  • 2130 student performers

Jazz Contest (Mar 13)

  • 6 ensembles performed
  • 4 participating schools
  • 131 student performers

Thank You

Trombone & Trumpet duet at S&E Contest 2018.

Thank you to all of our contest hosts! You exemplify the student/director centered qualities that NIMCon stands for. Thank you to: Sara Kumpula, Julie Dee, Jen Grabot, Alex Moberg, Steve Stenzel, and Cindy Severino.

We look forward to our contests next year, hosted by Renee Brown (Palombi MS), Deb Saam & Jessica Rosales (West Oak MS), and Chuck Naffier, Genevieve Klein, & Samantha May (Hawthorn MS South).

Next Year Dates

Post-Contest Surveys

Directors, if you have not already done so, please complete the post-contest surveys below:

Board Meeting (April 26)

The NIMCon Board will be holding a board meeting on April 26. If you have anything that you would like us to discuss, please contact us or Ellen Singer (NIMCon President) directly.

Board Officer Nominations

Thank you to the current Board for their work in our first three years as an organization. As we near the end of the school year, and look towards the Fall, we are accepting nominations for Board Officers.

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself for an office, please contact us or Ellen Singer (NIMCon President) directly.

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