Newsletter (November 2021)

Solo and Ensemble Contest Registration

All we need at this time is the number of events and students who will be participating. We do not need each event to be entered into the database. Forms should have been filled out, and checks should have been mailed to Sara Kumpala, NIMCon Treasurer. This was due by December 1st , 2021.

The videos of student performances along with a pdf/picture of music will be due by February 25th. More information regarding Solo and Ensemble contest can be found here.

Music Festival/Jazz/AHMI Registration

Festival (March 11-12), AHMI (March 11-12), and Jazz Festival (April 12)

All three events will be over zoom. Ensembles will perform two selections and directors will have a choice to play live over zoom or prepare a recording in advance to be played over zoom. Students and directors will be at their respective school during a time slot on either Friday, March 11th or Saturday March 12th. NIMCon will take requests for preferred date and schedule events as if they were in-person. A NIMCon Board member will run the event with three adjudicators on zoom to listen and provide a clinic. Directors will have their choice of Festival format (Ratings), or AHMI format (Comments Only). The zoom event will be recorded, and a link will be available afterwards for the directors to share with their school community. Jazz Festival will take place the afternoon of April 12th and follow the same format.

Please fill out this form to register. Forms and fees are due by December 1, 2021 to Sara Kumpulua, NIMCon treasurer.

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