Newsletter (October 2017)

Contest Registration

It’s time to register for contest! Please be sure to read the Rules & Procedures carefully and feel free to email us with questions. Two rules have changed as of this year’s Membership meeting, including changing mallet scale requirements to match winds and strings, as well as the length of Jazz Band Contest changing to 30 minutes.

  • Rules Governing Solo & Ensemble Contest, #14. Melodic soloists will perform a scale in the key of the performed piece. Battery drum soloists will perform rudiments from the required list. Ensembles do not perform scales or rudiments.
  • Rules Governing Organization Contest, #5. Jazz Bands, Choirs, and Swing Choirs will not exceed 30 minutes in the performance area including set up, performance, clinic and clean up .

Once you have registered for contest, please print out and return the Contest Fee Sheet to Sara Roediger, NIMCon Treasurer, by Dec. 1st. Please consider that date when you set your (earlier) deadline for your students to sign up with you for Solo & Ensemble Contest. We will not accept late entries. Be sure to PRINT out your registration from the website so you have a copy, and use that to fill out the payment form. Your form and check (or copy of your check request) are due by Dec. 1st.

2019 Contest Dates

The dates for 2019 contests are as follows:

Host Rotations

View the host rotation schedule for Organization Contest and Solo & Ensemble Contest (scroll down).

Update Your Membership

If you haven’t done so, please take a moment to update your membership information, even if nothing has changed. This will help us to efficiently keep track of our membership.

Fall Membership Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the Membership meeting on September 18. We are thrilled with the active participation of our membership and appreciate you taking the time to attend and contribute your ideas for making this organization better every year. Click to read the Meeting Minutes.

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