Newsletter (October 2018)

Membership Meeting Minutes

Thank you to everyone who attended the Membership meeting on Sept. 27th. We are thrilled with the active participation of our membership and appreciate you taking the time to attend and contribute your ideas for making this organization better every year. Click to read the Meeting Minutes.

If you haven’t done so, please take a moment to update your membership information, even if nothing has changed. This will help us to efficiently keep track of our membership.

By-Law and Name Changes

One rule changed after discussion at this year’s Membership meeting. Under Organization Contest, we will have a new rule #6 which states: “A ten-minute clinic will be provided to each group by one or more judges at their discretion.” The purpose of the rule is to clarify that the clinic should last ten minutes, and that the judges can choose how many of them will give the clinic.

In addition, the membership voted to change the name of “Organization Contest” to “Music Festival”. We discussed the connotation of each word, as well as what best fits the objective of the Northern Illinois Music Conference and felt “Music Festival” is a better fit.

Event Registration

It’s time to register for NIMCon Events! Please be sure to read the Rules & Procedures carefully and feel free to email us with questions.

Once you have registered for an event, please print out and return the Participation Invoice (which you will be directed to upon registering) to Sara Roediger, NIMCon Treasurer, by Dec. 1st. Please consider that date when you set your (earlier) deadline for your students to sign up with you for Solo & Ensemble Contest. We will not accept late entries.

Be sure to PRINT out your registration from the website so you have a copy and use that to fill out the Participation Invoice. Your form and check (or copy of your check request) are due by Dec. 1st. You may email your form and copy of your check request to

Art Hildebrand Music Invitational

This year’s Hildebrand Music Invitational will take place during the school day on March 12-14th. There are currently 2 slots for orchestra and 4 slots for bands. The cost is $65 per group and includes a performance in the brand-new state of the art auditorium at Sunset Ridge School, and clinic and comments by an esteemed director/judge. Contact Hilary Logan at: to reserve your spot.

Summer Projects!

The board was busy this summer working on a few NIMCon related projects!

We updated the rubrics based on member feedback including: Changing the number of points possible for a scale for instrumental soloists from 3 to 4, changing the location of “vowels” on the vocal and choral sheets from tone quality to diction category, and adding a spot for comments to be written below each category on the rubric.

We also accepted a bid from a new medal vendor based in Milwaukee and presented the new medal design at the membership meeting. Once we use up the old medals, be on the lookout for the new medals to come your way!

Finally, we are in the process of putting together a digital guide for hosting Solo and Ensemble Contest as well as Music Festival (formerly known as Organization Contest). We hope to have it ready to go for this year’s hosts.

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