Newsletter (October 2021)


Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Membership meeting on September 13th. We are thrilled with the active participation of our membership and appreciate you taking the time to attend and contribute your ideas for making this organization better every year. Click to read the meeting minutes.

If you haven’t done so, please take a moment to update your director membership information, even if nothing has changed. This will help us to efficiently keep track of our membership. School district membership fees were due September 15th . We will accept late payments. The invoice and member registration can be found at

Contest and Festivals

Thank you for your feedback regarding possible formats for this year’s events. The Board of Directors met and on consideration for the health and safety of all involved (directors, students, adjudicators, and parent volunteers) have made the difficult decision that this year’s events will be virtual. We want to provide a great experience for our students, and there are currently too many unknowns to begin planning an in-person event. Without guarantees of a host site, parent volunteers or adjudicators willing to participate at a live event, we feel it would be best to make a decision we can work with now and create another positive experience for our students like we did last year.

All event registration and fees will be due December 1st , and events will take place as follows:

  • Solo and Ensemble Contest video due date will be February 25th (one day before the live event was to have taken place)
  • Festival & AHMI (March 11-12) and Jazz Festival (April 12) will be over zoom with students at their respective schools and 3 adjudicators judging and providing a clinic over zoom.
  • Registration links will be available on November 1st .

For Solo and Ensemble Contest, we will use the same format for registration as we did last year, with numbers of solos and ensembles being due December 1st , and videos due February 25th. At the membership meeting, it was voted to raise the Solo & Ensemble Contest fee to $8 per student per entry.

For Festival and AHMI, ensembles will perform two selections and directors will have a choice to play live over zoom or prepare a recording in advance and play it over zoom. Students and directors will be at their respective school during a time slot on either Friday, March 11 or Saturday March 12. NIMCon will take requests for preferred date and schedule events as if they were in-person. A NIMCon Board member will run the event with three adjudicators on zoom. Directors will have their choice of Festival format (Ratings) or AHMI format (Comments Only). The zoom event will be recorded and a link will be available afterward for the directors to share with their school community. Jazz Festival will take place the afternoon of April 12 and follow the same format.

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