May 3, 2018

Art Hildebrand Music Invitational

Clinician Steve Katz working with orchestra.

formerly known as Little People’s Festival

Art Hildebrand was a well-respected musician and music educator in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago for many years. His profound impact on students continues to this day. In addition to his role as a founding member of the Northern Illinois Music Conference (NIMCon) he established the event now named in his honor.

The Art Hildebrand Music Invitational began in 2000 in North Chicago as the Little People’s Band Festival. The intent of this festival has been to allow bands, and now orchestras, a performance and clinic without the adjudication of contest. It is designed for younger ensembles, or ensembles that do not meet daily or meet in parts coming together for performances.


2024 AHMI – March 18/19, 2024 @ TBA

Past Invitationals

  • Music Festival & Hildebrand Invitational 2022 – Virtual
  • AHMI 2020 – March 10-12, 2020
  • AHMI 2019 – March 12-14, 2019