November 2, 2015

Solo & Ensemble Contest Registration

Registration Instructions

  • There is an option to list an accompanist as A, B, C, etc. If you know which students will be sharing an accompanist, please fill out the necessary information. Be sure to use a different letter for each accompanist at your school.
  • Time requests are limited to AM and PM. Please use this request for extenuating circumstances only. It is NOT to be filled out for every entry.
  • Be sure to read Rules & Procedures for Contest.


Register your students and postmark (with check) the Contest Fee Sheet by December 1Note, the contest fees sheet is the same sheet as found on the Organization Contest Sign-Up page. 

Have you joined NIMCon?

If your school and name does not appear when registering, you may have not yet joined NIMCon. Please do so before registering for Solo & Ensemble Contest.
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